"When I started the company in 1997 in Shanghai, I wanted to create the foremost leather seating company. The key was in bringing together the best attributes and practices from around the world. We hope to change the rules in this business by combining the highest level in design, comfort and quality to deliver value that surpasses anything available up to now.

I invite you to get to know us better. See how our furniture is made. Understand why it's so comfortable and how it's built to last. And compare our quality leathers, design, leading quality practices and great values competitive with the best in the industry. We think you'll be pleased with what you find. Sometimes, it's good to change the rules.

Simon Li

Simon Li Furniture is designed, developed, and produced for the markets of the Americas and area. Utilizing stringent global quality standards which are built directly into the company's manufacturing processes; our products define comfort and quality for all leather upholstery. Simon's Scandinavian heritage has brought to the company a focus on building practical, high comfort, quality and, above all comfortable leather seating.

Our products are designed and scaled to complement your desired lifestyle. From our Heirlooms collections of timeless traditional styling to our MotionMax reclining furniture, you can find a look and leather that matches your home's environment and requirements to durability and comfort.

Please take a tour of product portfolio and visualize Simon Li Furniture in your home today.