The Heirlooms collection by Simon Li Furniture is the culmination of our desire to recapture the opulence of traditional leather furniture by coupling fresh designs with luxurious leather articles, which are tastefully coordinated with beautiful fabric toss pillows and accent pieces. Throughout the development process, we have steadfastly refused to succumb to the belief that innovation and traditional furniture cannot exist mutually. The result is a product line that not only features enhanced manufacturing practices and materials, but also addresses style and fashion in a way that cleverly couples state-of-the-art furniture manufacturing methods and design techniques with time-tested charm and visual appeal. The result is that our "timeless designs" are both classic and innovative.

Designed and scaled to harmonize with the majority of consumers' homes; Heirlooms products offer extreme comfort, rich leathers, attention to details and timeless style normally associated with products hundreds or even thousands of dollars higher in retail pricing. The pillows that we use on several of these collections are filled with an insert of 100% feathers, zippered and each have a full leather welt cord. No detail goes unattended – the wooden legs have a distressed finish to emulate an antique item, the nail head trim is individually affixed brass finished nails as just a few examples.

Leathers used in all Heirlooms collections meet the rigorous selection process by Simon Li Furniture. Raw materials (hides ready for the tanning process) are procured from all points of the globe with most originating in North America, South America and Australia. Tanneries then process the hides to our specifications of color, texture, finish and hand (supple feeling) to give you the most supple and visually interesting leather available.